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The Physical Therapy Program at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse hosted a presentation of student research on Tuesday, April 27 from 6:30-8:30 pm (2 CEUs). Six groups of PT students presented different research studies that they have conducted within their research practicum courses over the last year. Please see topics below.

Click here to watch the presentations.

The Effects of Blood Flow Restriction on Upper Extremity Fatigue and Recovery during Various Occlusion Pressures
B Thornton, C Carlstrom, M Dreissen, A Burton, P Grabowski

The Impact of Attentional Focus on Joint Coordination during Jump Landing in Female Athletes
M Stewart, L Waite, T Almonroeder

Association of Functional Ultrasound Imaging and Isometric Torque Measurement of Gluteal Muscle Activation During Gait in Healthy College-Aged Participants
J Ahrens, T Blackman, L Heathcote, A Jahns, B Keane, M McManimon-Myers, D Rutherford

The Effect of Blood Flow Restriction on Recovery Time Following a Lower Extremity Fatigue Protocol: A Pilot Study
G Gaugert, T Gesch, M Torgerson, A Burton, P Grabowski

A Comparison of Ten Minutes of Vibration and Squat Exercise on Femoral Cartilage Thickness in Healthy Young Adults

J Dorshorst, K Bomkamp, S Welke, D Dols, M Kolpien, A Dockendorf, S Sackiriyas

Impact of COVID-19 on Aerobic Exercise Patterns in Adults

J Damro, M Larsen, KA Greany, JF Greany



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