Our Mission:

  To foster growth, economic viability, sound business and clinical practices of physical therapist owned PT services for the benefit of the public, and to promote exclusive ownership of PT services by PTs.


  • We value business practices that promote the development of small business private practice.
  • We value the promotion of reimbursement for services commensurate with physical therapy as a doctoring profession that is patient centric.
  • We value collaboration and alliances among private practices that foster growth, and continued advocacy of individual practices.
  • We value business model innovation that continues to promote private practice physical therapy and physical therapy as a doctoring profession.
  • We value our ability to work together; leveraging our group’s purchasing volume to negotiate better rates on goods and services for the benefit of our members.
  • We value direct access and the consumer’s right to choose their physical therapist as their preferred provider of neuromusculoskeletal care, without barriers.

Our Objective:

The Board of Directors (BOD) of the PPSIG will promote the development of physical therapy private practice by establishing annual goals and priorities. They will utilize staff, professional consultants, and/or our own membership to meet these goals.

APTA Wisconsin's Private Practice Special Interest Group (PPSIG) represents the needs and interests of physical therapist owned physical therapy businesses in the state of Wisconsin.

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